Timekeepers & Marshals

Club marshalling allocations for KCA time trials that are due to be held in 2023.

In keeping with last year, the number of marshals that each club is required to provide has been calculated based on the number of riders from the corresponding club that rode in KCA TTs in the previous season. This number has subsequently been adjusted to reflect the fact that some clubs provided more marshals than required in 2022, while others provided fewer, although the adjustments in this respect have been relatively minor.

As was the case last year, we will be using an online system for allocating marshals for the various KCA TTs. Basically, this is just an Excel document that can be accessed online, which lists the seven KCA events, the number of marshals required for each, and columns in which specific marshals can be added.

Click here for the KCA Marshals rota

This request has been shared with Event Secretaries of the seven KCA TTs, allowing each of them to “pre-book” marshal slots for their own events (based on the premise they may prefer to work with marshals from their own clubs). Consequently, you will see that some of the slots have already been allocated.

However, the vast majority of slots are still open, so we would be grateful if you could fill them with (named) representatives from your respective clubs, based on the number of marshals required from each club. It’s a first-come-first-served system, so those who respond quickest will benefit from a wider choice of possible marshalling slots.

If a rider/club has previously been allocated a slot in the online Excel document, please do not over-write it.

Should you have any questions please contact KCA Marshal Secretary: VACANT POSITION