KCA TT League Ladder

The KCA TT LEAGUE LADDER is a new competition being piloted in 2023 that has been created to encourage more riders to take part in Kent time trial events organised by the KCA, VTTA & KCA affiliated clubs. The league ladder format will have clearly defined start and end points, which will result in periodic promotions and demotions of riders depending on points won in Kent TT events. Riders are competing against those within their division to score both individual and club points.

KCA 10M TT – 16th April 2023
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Riders from affiliated clubs entering Kent TT events will be placed into divisions where they will race against equally talented riders. The initial placing of riders will use Spindata* rankings and/or past performances. The KCA Committee have the final say on which division riders are initially placed, with new riders able to join at any time.

Points will be scored by all riders/marshals taking part in the event, these points are then used to determine both individual and team position within the KCA TT LEAGUE LADDER. To encourage riders of different abilities a team points multiplier may also be applied to points won in lower divisions – let’s see how we get on. Completing marshal duties will also earn points for both the rider and the club – so sign up early to avoid disappointment!

Finishing PositionPoints
Marshal / Event Organiser / Timekeeper1

After each round (4 events) riders will move between divisions based on their total points scored. All points will be carried through the 2023 season, with league positions updated after each event.

End of Season Awards

There will be prizes/trophies for riders accumulating the most points over the course of the 2023 season and for the club whose riders have earned the most points. The KCA Committee have the final say on the rules and administration of this competition and reserve the right to amend these at any point during the season.

The KCA TT Interclub League 2023 – provisional calendar (subject to change)

Round 1Round 2Round 3
16th April – KCA 25
18th June – VTTA 10
29th July – VTTA 10
30th April – Wigmore
24th June – KCA 10
6th Aug – West Kent RC 25
27th May – SDW 10
9th July – VTTA 50
(Q50/11) >> double points
20th Aug – KCA 10
11th June – VTTA 25
16th July – KCA 25
10th Sept – VTTA 25
Updated: 13th April

Download the KCA TT LEAGUE LADDER details here:

Scoring example: KCA 10 mile – 22nd April 2022

Round 1 – Start Sheet & Result (for example only)

NoNameClubSpindataKCA DivisionEvent Finish
1Chris FennellThe Ind. PedalerA11DNS
2Nicholas FennellThanet RCA51DNS
3Conall YatesTeam Solo VinciA911
4Paul BurrowsThanet RCA1522
5Martin KoberAbellio – SFA RTA162DNS
6Nathan RussellTrainSharpA1724
7Bill HawkesThanet RCA1925
8Steve GoochRye & District WheelersA2026
9Martin JonesColour Tech RTB13DNS
10Stephen WilkinsonTWB – On Time RTB337
11John CockrillAbellio – SFA RTB338
12Simon HendersonThanet RCB93Marshal
13Matthew SmithColour Tech RTB1149
14Reuban DaveyAbellio – SFA RTB1443
15Adrian SteadThanet RCB19410
16Sam Bennett7Oaks Tri ClubC1513
17Glen WhittingtonSDWC3512
18Pip Jenkins1904TC4511
19Julian FussellSDWC5514
20David GreenwoodRye & District WheelersC6515
Division 1Division 2
Conall YatesSolo Vinci5Paul BurrowsThanet RC5
Chris FennellThanet RCNathan RussellTrainSharp4
Nic FennellSolo VinciBill HawkesThanet RC3
 Steve GoochRye & Dis Whlrs2
   Martin KoberAbellio – SFA
Division 3Division 4
Stephen WilkinsonTWB – On Time 5Reuban DaveyAbellio – SFA5
John CockrillAbellio – SFA4Matt SmithColour Tech RT4
Simon HendersonThanet RC1Adrian SteadThanet RC3
Martin JonesColour Tech RT   
Division 5Club Standings
Pip Jenkins1904T51Thanet RC12
Glen WhittingtonSDW42Abellio – SFA RT9
Sam Bennett7Oaks Tri Club33SDW6
Julian FussellSDW24Solo Vinci5
David GreenwoodRye & Dis Whlrs151904T5
   6TWB – On Time RT5
   7Colour Tech RT4
   8Train Sharp4
   9Rye & District Wheelers3
   107Oaks Tri Club3