KCA Rules

Updated at the AGM held 27th Jan 2022

  1. The Association shall be called the ‘KENT CYCLING ASSOCIATION’ and shall be an Association of Cycling Clubs open to all clubs regularly carrying out cycling activities within the area of the South East District, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.
  2. The Association shall be governed by an Annual General Meeting (AGM) consisting of up to 2 delegates from each affiliated Club. Club delegates shall be nominated by their Clubs.
  3. (a) The AGM shall elect, annually, an Honorary President and ten Vice Presidents.
    (b) The AGM shall also elect, annually, a Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Time Trial Secretary, Communications Secretary, Marshal Secretary and an Acting Committee of 5 members.
    (c) The Executive Committee shall be constituted of the Officers and the Acting Committee elected as laid down in part (b) of this Rule.
  4. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to appoint sub-committees for the purpose of enquiring into, reporting on, or disposing of any matter. A sub-committee shall prepare minutes of its proceedings which shall be read at the next meeting of the Executive Committee and duly recorded in the books of the Association. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to appoint representatives to and from such cycling organisations as it deems necessary to further the progress of the sport in Kent.
  5. The Executive Committee shall elect from its members, delegates to any organisation to which the Association may affiliate. The Agendas of such organisations shall be discussed at a preceding Executive Committee meeting and instructions shall then be given to the delegates. The AGM shall decide to which organisations the Association shall belong.
  6. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at least four times per year when the Executive Committee shall consider them necessary. Seven days notice of such meetings shall be given in writing by the General Secretary.
  7. Any member of the Executive Committee who shall absent themselves from three consecutive meetings without a satisfactory explanation, shall cease to be a member, and the Executive Committee shall fill up the vacancy so created. The highest unsuccessful candidate at the last AGM is to be asked to fill the vacancy.
  8. The Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with any Club found guilty of conduct detrimental to the interest of the Association or the sport. Such offenders shall have the right to appeal to the AGM.
  9. The annual subscription for Clubs shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting. The subscription shall become payable on 1st December. Subscriptions from Clubs affiliating after the 31st day of October in any one year shall carry full privilege to the end of the following year. Subscriptions and payment shall be deemed absolute and unconditional assent to the rules.
  10. Any Club wishing to join the Association must forward to the General Secretary application to that effect accompanied by the appropriate subscription. The application shall be considered by the next meeting of the Executive Committee. New Clubs may be affiliated at any such meeting. All monies will be returned in the event of non-affiliation.
  11. Any Club wishing to resign from the Association shall give written notice to that effect to the General Secretary.
  12. Any Club not paying the subscription before 31st December in any year shall be deemed a defaulter and by resolution of the Executive Committee, may be deprived of all privileges in respect of the Associations programme. Such resolution shall not release the Club from liability for the current year.
  13. (a) Clubs, if called upon, shall supply marshalling help. The Marshal Secretary will, at the beginning of each year, contact all clubs and will allocate marshalling duties in proportion to the total number of riders from each club in KCA events the previous season. The Marshal Secretary will endeavour to be equitable, but any final decision must be that of the Marshal Secretary.
    (b) If a club refuses to marshal an event the organiser of that event has the discretion to refuse entries from that club. If a club refuses or fails to carry out its allocated duties, the Executive Committee shall have absolute power to take whatever disciplinary action it thinks fit, including the suspension of or banning of Clubs from future events.
    (c) Clubs required to supply marshals for particular events shall be notified of their duties by the event organiser at least four weeks prior to that event.
    (d) Promoters of competitive events for the Association will earn one marshal credit for their Club for each event they promote. No marshal credits will be carried over to the following year.
    (e) Clubs who have lost members to other KCA Clubs may apply in writing to the General Secretary for the consideration of the accrued marshalling duties of those members to be transferred to the Club of Clubs enrolling those members.
  14. The Annual General Meeting at which all Officers shall present their reports and the Treasurer shall present his Balance Sheet, duly audited, shall take place in January. The General Secretary shall notify all Clubs of the date of this meeting before the end of December. The financial year shall end on the 31st day of October. Motions for the agenda must be sent to the General Secretary at least thirty days prior to the 2 meeting and the General Secretary shall give twenty-one days notice of the agenda, a copy of which, together with the Balance Sheet, shall be sent to each affiliated Club and Private Member. Only those delegates nominated under Rule 2 may vote at this meeting.
  15. Any Club failing to be represented at any AGM shall be deemed a consenting party to all business transacted.
  16. The General Secretary shall take, or shall cause to be taken, minutes of all meetings of the Association and it shall be their duty to conduct the business of the Association in accordance with the instructions of the Executive Committee. The General Secretary will also report to the Executive Committee all correspondence received since the last meeting.
  17. The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds of the Association, shall apply for and receive all subscriptions and other monies payable to the Association and shall keep proper accounts, which shall be submitted at each meeting of the Executive Council.
  18. The auditors shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting, to whom the whole year of the year’s accounts shall be submitted.
  19. Notices affecting the general body of members shall be served by the Association on the Club Secretaries.
  20. No alteration or addition to these Rules shall be made except with the consent of at least two thirds of the members present at the Annual General Meeting or other Special Meeting, on the Agenda of which such alteration or addition shall appear.
  21. On a requisition of the Secretaries of four or more affiliated Clubs, the General Secretary of the Association is empowered, without reference to the Executive Committee, to convene, at not less than fourteen days’ notice, a Special Meeting. The requisitioning Clubs shall deposit with the General Secretary of the Association the sum of £5.00 each and such deposit shall be returned either in full or minus the expense of arranging the Special Meeting, in accordance with a vote taken at the meeting.
  22. Any resolutions put to the vote at either the Annual General Meeting or Special Meetings or at Executive Committee Meetings, shall be decided by a majority vote. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. Voting at these meetings may be by ballot or show of hands, as desired by the members present.
  23. Any Officer, Auditor or Member of the Executive Committee desiring to retire must give fourteen days clear notice to the General Secretary and shall be deemed to remain in office until the expiration of that period. Any vacancy occurring shall be filled at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  24. The Executive Committee shall have power to co-opt any member of any affiliated Club or any Private Member for the purpose of assisting them in carrying out any event in the season’s programme.
  25. All entrants in Association events shall be members of affiliated Clubs or Private Members of the Association. No second claim members may compete in Association events if their first claim Club is affiliated to the Association.
  26. Only first claim members of Affiliated Clubs shall be eligible for Awards and Championships of the Association.
  27. Any matter not provided for in the foregoing Rules shall be decided by the Executive Committee.