KCA Reliability Trial

Our traditional end of season inter-club competition for the KCA ROOTES Trophy
Organised for the KCA by Duncan Edwards (SFACC) & Julian Fussell (SDW)

The KCA Reliability Ride will take place on Sunday 30th October 2022

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Based on feedback the following amends have been made to the organisation of this year’s event:
– Updated routes and specific start locations – providing an opportunity for safer group riding
– Results weighted based on club ride membership – it’s no longer the biggest club who wins!
– Small increase in rider entry fee to £5/rider – as usual all profits will go to charity
– Riders to self certify their ride through submission of a very simple entry and result form

How the KCA Reliability Trial event works

The event is an inter-club friendly competition and all KCA affiliated clubs are eligible to take part. Each club aims to gain as many points as possible. Points are gained by each rider in the club who completes the route within the allocated time. The number of points is based on the length of the route ridden as follows:

Photo: KCA Reliability Trial 2021 – Hythe CC

100 miles within 7 hours = 4 points

100 kms within 5 hours = 2 points

50 kms within 3 hours = 1 point

Photo: KCA Reliability Trial 2021 – San Fairy Ann CC
Photo: KCA Reliability Trial 2021 – Hythe CC

Riders work together in their club groups to support each other in achieving the distance in the allocated time. In this respect the ride is analogous to a club run. Clubs are expected to apply all the usual club run safety considerations and insurance arrangements that they would on a club run.

New routes & format

Start your ride at a designated start point on the course, ideally record your ride with STRAVA and ensure your group leader captures the activity with some fun photos!

2022 routes have been updated and can be found below

Route One – 50 km

Distance: 50km – 31mi

Elevation: 260 mtrs – 1083 ft

Time limit: 3 hrs (Elapsed)

Club points: 1 (one)

Ride with GPS route

Route Two – 100 km

Distance: 100km – 62mi

Elevation: 519 mtrs – 1702 ft

Time limit: 5 hrs (Elapsed)

Club points: 2 (two)

Ride with GPS route

Route Three – 100 miles

Distance: 160km – 100 mi

Elevation: 705 mtrs – 2312 ft

Time limit: 7 hrs (Elapsed)

Club points: 4 (four)

Ride with GPS route

If you ride an e-bike you are welcome to enter the event – points for e-bikes are reduced by 50%

Getting your club involved in the KCA Reliability Trial

  1. If your club is affiliated to the Kent Cycling Association (KCA) then your eligible to take part.
  2. All paid up members of your club are eligible to ride the event for your club and gain points.
  3. Please register your club’s interest by emailing the event organisers – fud_f@hotmail.com
  4. Publicise and communicate the ride within your club and form yourselves into appropriate teams based on start location and ability of your riders to complete the distance in the allocated time.
  5. We are asking rider’s to complete a simple entry and result form – this will be available soon.
  6. Clubs to collect entries together and pay them as a lump sum after the event to the KCA treasurer.
  7. The entry fee for the event is £5.00 per rider. This will be used for any expenses incurred in running the event (which are expected to be minimal) all the surplus will be donated to the Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance by the KCA.
  8. Apply all the controls, management and communication you would on your club runs.
  9. After the event riders should submit their result and ride details (Strava recommended) to the event organisers so that your clubs points can be allocated.
  10. This year results will be weighted by club rider membership – club secretaries to provide details to the organisers.
Photo: KCA Reliability Trial 2021 – 7Oaks Tri

Riding the KCA Reliability Trial (on the day)

  1. Each rider is responsible for their own safety, following all rules of the road including the highway code.
  2. Please think about sustainability when planning your ride. If you do need to park a car please think about how to minimise the impact of doing so.
  3. All riders must be a member of a KCA affiliated club and be riding for their club following the club’s club run protocols.
  4. Riders using tandems or similar are considered for all aspects of their ride as individuals. This means a tandem pair would be two entries, two rides, two sets of points.
  5. We would like the ride to be as inclusive as possible so encourage any road legal cycle to ride the event.
  6. Points are gained for your club by riding one of the KCA RT courses within the designated time limit.
  7. The courses can be started at various start points along the routes. The finish point must always be exactly the same point as the start point.
  8. It is preferred that:
    • All riders record their ride on a GPS and a link to the activity is shared in the results submission
    • Join the KCA Strava group and upload their ride to Strava https://www.strava.com/clubs/KentCyclingAssociation
    • Riders may also join a group which is recorded in this way and rely on a fellow rider’s record.
    • Riders will need to submit their entry & results, more details on this to follow shortly.
  9. Points and time limits are as follows:
    • 50 km – 3 hours – 1 point
    • 100 km – 5 hours – 2 points
    • 100 miles – 7 hours – 4 points
  10. E-bike Points and time limits are as follows:
    • 50 km – 3 hours – 0.5 point
    • 100 km – 5 hours – 1 points
    • 100 miles – 7 hours – 2 points
Photo: KCA Reliability Trial 2021 – Thanet RC